Exercise Just Got Easier!
Courtesy of the Beauty Clinic MedSpa located in the Las Colinas neighborhood of Irving, TX. The owner Brenda Wilcox made the wise decision to add the Platinum Noblerex K1 to her array of spa services. The Platinum Noblerex K1, is a full body vibration exerciser; delivers the same benefits from an hour at the gym with just 10 minutes burning fat and toning muscle. I admit I was a skeptic about using this tool to lose inches and weight but, I thought back to how slim and trim Brenda looks; I had not seen her in over a year and did not remember her looking so lean and fit. I asked her how she accomplished getting so toned and slimmed. She smiled and walked me into a spa room where the Platinum Noblerex K1 is located and she said to try it out for a few minutes. I accepted her challenge; stepped on to the vibration exerciser on a Friday evening and stepped off after about 4 minutes. I left the salon that day, but the new tool that could possibly help me lose weight in 2015 was still on my mind.

I returned to the Beauty Clinic MedSpa to pay for my service fee for access to the Platinum Noblerex K1 and have no regrets; a wise expenditure. After using the Platinum Noblerex K1 for one week, I noticed some very positive changes with my body. I noticed a pair of brown pants felt loose in the thigh area and the button in the center of my waist was not pinching my stomach. I also noticed I had an increased energy level and looked forward to my “workout”; stepping up on to the vibration machine;  standing with my feet the width of my shoulders and my hands holding the handle bar for 10 minutes. I confess I spend 30 minutes daily on the Platinum Noblerex K1, 20 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes late evening five days a week.

If you’ve tried Zumba, aerobics, spin class, etc. with no results for your efforts; stop by the Beauty Clinic MedSpa, Las Colinas and make a request to access the Platinum Noblerex K1 and start your 10 minute sessions and you will lose some inches and be on your way to a slim physique. The next service I plan to try is the foot detox.

All the Best,
Patricia Scott

I have been a loyal customer at the Beauty Clinic Spa for almost 4 months, and I am very pleased with the service and entire spa experience. I initially went for an electrolysis treatment, and was so impressed and pleased with the excellent customer service received from Brenda Wilcox that I made subsequent appointments for additional services. As a corporate attorney, I place a very high value on my time; thus, I will only support businesses that provide superb customer service. Brenda Wilcox has met and exceeded my expectations, and I have experienced the desired beauty transformation as a direct result of her professional counsel and services. If you are in need of a beauty/spa professional that is also very business savvy, health conscious, reliable, personable, and forward thinking then I highly recommend Brenda Wilcox at The Beauty Clinic Spa in Las Colinas, Texas.
Juanitah Harris

Really great. He never told me his name, but my massage therapist was very nice and extremely professional. I would totally recommend him to anyone.
C. Murray

I love this place!!! The staff and service is amazing. They are always very professional and accommodating. The prices are very reasonable from time to time packages are discounted. Follow my lead, get your package and get in the door next and be pampered for as long as you like and relax.
Paula Willis

Laser hair removal
“I think the atmosphere is relaxing. The procedure was done in a professional manner. She is always certain to tell me exacting what should be done after the treatment. ”
Connie M.

“I had an appointment and had purchased a groupon for laser hair removal then bought two more areas on top of that, the treatment was quick and painless and my technician was very nice and friendly. The only thing I wasn’t impressed about was my appointment starting late, other than that good experience.
Caitlin Pearson

Great Massage
“Rha did an excellent job I got the full 90 minutes and was completely relaxed when she was done. cannot recommend enough”
Ben Stiefel

Love this place…the amazing staff and service are exceptional! You must stop by to try it out…you will not be disappointed!
Christine Cohen

“I was moved from Southlake to Irving. Had no probs, and they got me out in 25 mins. Thanks Beauty Clinic.”
Tim C.

Excellent Customer Service
“Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. I have been thrilled with the results of the laser hair removal treatments compared to other laser treatments.”

I Loved It!
“This was one of the best massages I have ever had. I would go there again. I left relaxed and de-stressed. ”
Denise Iglesias

“Maybe you past reviewers are too high maintenance! My first appt. was made in Southlake, and yes it was closed and I was unaware of it. But you have to understand that companies make transitions. The receptionist called me the day of my appt. and was professional telling me about the change and APOLOGIZING for no notice. Once I got there, I was in and out. The person who did my laser hair removal was very educated and made my concerns go away. ”

Pleasant laser removal service
“The laser technician was kind and patient, which made the laser hair removal service not as painful and daunting. thanks!”

Laser hair removal
“Everything/ everyone was clean, polite, and professional. the woman that did my treatment was very friendly and informative and was very sure to make sure I was comfortable and that I knew what was happening and what to do for after care. ”

Loved it!
“First experience here was very good. Got me in and out and received very good service from the tech who was personable and knowledgeable. Front desk girl was just “ok” service wise.”
Denise S.

“I had my first treatment for laser hair removal from a groupon I bought and my experience was very good. It was painless and didn’t take very long. The only thing was that the groupon didn’t say that The Beauty Clinic is actually located inside a different spa.”

The Beauty Clinic is Great!
“I had my first laser hair removal treatment today. The ladies were very nice and my treatment was quick and pain free. ”
Gail P.

“Had laser hair removal for the first time. They answered all my questions and the procedure was quick and painless.”
Kim K.

Great Service
“Misty is an excellent laser technician. Very friendly and explained everything. My first time with your laser machine – I really like it much better than the pulsed lasers. ”
Debra Corder