The Beauty Clinic MedSpa uses a safe, non-invasive, low-level light cold laser therapy to shrink fat cells, reducing and sculpting the targeted problem areas of your body. Patients do not typically feel anything during treatment, but lose inches and see cellulite disappear without invasive surgery or the potential negative side effects of liposuction, including infection or long recovery times. With this process, you can receive treatment on a lunch break and return to work with almost no impact, except to the appearance in the fat loss areas. Most patients notice an increase in energy following treatment, and brisk exercise within hours of treatment is in order to help utilize the excess energy available from the fat cell contents.

The cold LASER sculpts the body by emulsifying adipose tissue, or fat cells. The LASER uses the 658nm red wavelength to stimulate targeted fat cells, causing them to become porous and release free fatty acids (triglycerides) and glycerol into the space between cells, called the interestial space. Your body removes these compounds through its normal cleaning processes of the lymphatic system, resulting in a slimmer, smoother appearance.

The average treatment protocol for the YOLO Curve LipoLaser is 8 to 12 sessions for a duration of 3 to 4 weeks.

Treatment Areas

Waistline • Mid and Lower Abdomen • Upper, Mid, and Lower Back
Buttocks and Thigh Areas • Arms and Underarms • Chest on Men • Double Chin

Single Treatments – $249 each
5 Treatment Package –  $219 each (save $200)
10 Treatment Package – $199 each (save $500)
15 Treatment Package –  $179 each (save $1050)

*Please be aware that there are clinics that appear to offer cheaper rates, but cost more per minute! Always ask how much time you will actually have under the LASER! We perform 30 minute treatments minimum of LASER time, and often longer. Treatment protocols require minimum of 20 minutes of LASER treatment. Following the LASER treatment we offer 10 minutes on the Vibration Platform to help with lymphatic stimulation. The Vibration Platform is not part of the 30 minutes of LASER treatment, but subsequent to it.

**Specials are available at times. Please call for current special.

Contraindicators: Pregnancy, Immuno-surpression, Uncontrolled Hypertension, Cancer, Liver / Kidney Disorder, Epilepsy, Pacemakers, Heart Disease / Cardiac Arrhythmia.