Lashes And Brows

Tinting your lashes or brows can help enhance your natural beauty in multiple ways. A lash tint will draw attention to your eyes, and for clients with lighter lashes, a tinting can save the time you spend applying multiple coats of mascara. Tinting your brows helps define your face shape, and it’s a stress-free way to match the shade of your hair to your eyebrows for a more uniform look. You will fall in love with the simplicity and effect of our tinting services

Brow – $30
Lashes – $25
Brows & Lashes – $45
Eyelash Extensions – $79

Lash Extension Options


Emphasize your natural beauty with light, feathery, lash extensions. Perfect for an on-the-go look.


Feel feminine and flirtatious! These lashes are perfect for date night.


Get glam with Hollywood-styled lash extensions. Your eyes will be ready for that big event or for an everyday, glamorous look.